Kill em with Kindness

”You’re to kind for this world” is an expression I have heard a lot during my life. Lately I have giving this more thought. People being to kind, people being to nice or people being to friendly. Is society gone down so hill that these acts of love are portraited as weakness?

I feel like society has changed a lot over the past years. We care more about our phones and less about the people around us. I see friends not speaking to each other. I see people hurting the ones they love. I see people giving up easily. So, where does the kindness play its part? When do people say I am to kind? I always say that I’m old fashioned like that. I am committed towards my norms and values. I think it is because I give a lot of time, effort and forgiveness to the people I care about. Where some others already would have walked away I am willing to figure out whats wrong and try to talk to them. I do not give up on people easily because I would’ve not want them to give up on me.

Sometimes I do struggle with this part of me. I still want balance and being able to draw the line. So, am I really to kind or is it society talking me down on moments I’m contemplating what to do. On moments like these I often hear people say that I’m to good for this world. Thats when it settles in: does this say anything about me or more about the society we now live in? My answer is society. Not only do we give up on each other easily because we dont fix anything anymore. Add up that it is not something new to tell you that the world is burning as we speak. Wars, terrorist attacks and tragic accidents. The year 2016 will unfortunantly get a big chapter in history books.

After all this, at the end of every day I see my kindness as strength. And I do not take it for granted. Let this all sink in your subconscious the next time you’ll portrait someone for being to kind. Because it is exactly that kindness that could possibly heal our world.

My name is Lynn and not only will I be kind, I’ll stay kind.

– Lynn Kentin

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