Some of us they have tattoos

A very obvious title if you ask me. But none less the truth. A wish for years and parents with a very special birthday surprise. On thursday, the 14th of may I got inked for the very first time.

Did it hurt? A question everybody asks all the time when somebody gets inked, so I thought I’ll start with this.

I learned that getting a tattoo is different for everybody. Of course, you have the place that matters. For example the rib erea is famous for being one of the most painfullest. But other people can have a higher or lower pain boundarie. Because I can stand pain a bit better than my sister. She got inked on her feet (which I can imagine now, is not a pleasant area) and had to endure some pain. My tattoo is on my shoulder, which happend to be a pretty reasonable place.

How does it feel? I once heard a friend describing it as a needle that scratches into your skin. Pretty accurate. Its not necessary that you’re being tortured, its just an unpleasant, annoying, feeling.

Than there’s the mental aspect of a tattoo. Your ink could have a very personal story behind, and you can become emotional when setting or talking about it with the artist. Its a mark that will be a part of your body from now on. That’s something you have to give a good couple moments of thinking.


The story behind my ink? Its the name of my horse. The feather refers to him being called an Indian horse by most people cause of his colour skin. My horse is in my life now for 8 years already (and many more to come). We have learn and experienced a lot together so this is kind of a way to honour him for the rest of his life. I’m incredible blessed to be so close to such a beautiful spirit of nature.

My name is Lynn and I’m a living piece of art.

– Lynn Kentin

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