Free as my Hair

This will be maybe the most shallow post I’ll be writing here. Spending so much time in thinking of doing something about your appearance. You go over every reasons why you should do it. And what’s holding you back of going with it. I want the decisions I made in life (even though the smallest things) to have power behind them. To make sure I don’t regret it. And the smallest and least important decision I’m pacing feet is to cut my hair.

There. I said it. I’m writing this post in the most in depth I could ever do about a thing that is way less important than a friends or family question. Let me explain. When I write something on here, than it means I need to analyse my thoughts. Is there more to let loose why I just hate the color red? to give an example. For a couple weeks now I’m thinking of cutting my hair.

And I’m not talking about the dead ends. I’m speaking of some serious chopping. My hair reaches a length of half way on my back. With pretty long hair like that I’m blessed that my dead ends are not a jungle. The length I now desire is just over my shoulders. And now you’re wondering; why just not go to the hair dressers and cut it in stead of complaining like a gay vampire with a diary. Well, all the hard work would have been for nothing.

I liked how the woman from Hollywood have these luxurious locks, curled at the end. With a bit of growing I’m pretty close to achieving that. But what I also see is that those same woman cut their hair till over the shoulders. And its not just a trend I’m trying to run after. I see the feminine ness the cut gives them. I hate short hair on myself or looking to girly. This would be the perfect solution. Looking femine but though. It will also make me look a bit older. More my age since I’m always guessed at least two years or more younger. Cant complain. This is always a big compliment for than, if it wouldn’t stand in my way of being taken seriously on moments when I need it.

What is eventually holding me back? The fear of regret. Because I’m sure I want my long hair back when it had some time to grow out a bit over the months. It probably will. But its just the fear of that it might not go back to my beloved princess locks.

So, what I figured out is, is that when I cut my hair I would have a different appearance, therefor people would probably treat me differently as well. Yes, its shallow to live by the saying judging a book by its cover. I’m just searching for a bit more of respect. Because its just plain naïve to think something as shallow as that couldn’t have a truth in it.

My name is Lynn and I’m evolving.

– Lynn Kentin

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