Loosing My Religion

My mother is a very spiritual woman. And she raised me in that way. Conversations about spirits and the power of the mind. Recently I wrote a post about growing up. At the moment some of the fairytales are shaking off. While I got the whole spiritual subject a moment to sink, I started to think. What if the fairies are just tales?

When I was a kid, I were amazed by the stories my mom could tell about spirits and the here after. It always sounded so magical and it made me feel like I was smarter than the other kids. Not that I was better at math or spelling. But like I understood more about life, was wiser in a way. Now I’ve in some transition of growing up (like you can read about in Forever Young) I’m letting some stuff go.

But it was not until my mom and I discussed some things about our horse, that this subject popped into my mind. Our horse has some stuff going on that we’re trying to fix. Because my mom is spiritual.. That’s, right. A horse whisperer has visited our galloping friend already once. And now my mom is getting some one else to ‘talk’ with him. Not the first one didn’t got any answers. But that was already a long time ago, and now they’re trying to figure out if he wants to talk about something specific he at first didn’t want to talk about. When I watched him one a day last week when he was eating. I thought out of the blue; how the hell can someone read a horse his mind?

Suddenly I was in disbelief of the power of the mind. And the whole communicating on spiritual level. I cant wrap my mind about the whole idea anymore. Because what we know of our horse now could all be not true for all that matters. And what has kept me busy is that I’m wondering how I so suddenly lost my religion. Is it a part of the growing up process. Disconnecting from my parents, as how they raised me. Old enough to choose my own beliefs? Or is it something more personal? I yet have to figure this one out yet (I still blame the amount of coffee). So for now I’ll put my faith in what I think or what I can do.

My name is Lynn and I belief in myself.

– Lynn Kentin

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