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Beautifully Depressed

Depression. Its a subject that appears daily in quotes and pictures on social media. It has set up a revolution of accepting it as a disease. Because depression happens in the brain. And because the brain is an organ, its a disease. Although my meaning of these written words are not to insult people who are battling it at the moment, but I still have some frustrations about this mindset.

Let me give an example of someone I know. That person is depressed at the moment. She lays in bed 24/7. No occupation or reason to get her out of it. She expresses herself on social media with her ‘problems’. And I’m going to say honestly; I don’t know what the issues are. Do I bother to ask her? Frankly, not. Is that a little mean of me? Maybe, but I have to (how selfish maybe) think about myself. Because I know myself. If I started to get angry at a person for complaining while there’s practically nothing to complain about, I usually stop getting involved in their problems. I’m not the worst, and that person is still someone who I find nice to be arround. I decided to reach out a bit and try to help them. I told that person to find something to do to keep busy. Recalling things I know that person liked to do. The only answers I was getting was that, that person ”hated that things because it makes me sad.” I knew that was the depression talking because if I would have been that far gone  I probably would say I hate writing (notice the irony I just put in there, having this digital home and all). I also got things like ”trying so hard.” Trying hard is getting at least your feet out of the blankets and at least letting them touch the floor. Again; depression talking.

Although I’m not an expert is that the first thing I would advise is occupational therapy. Become and stay busy to keep your mind harnessed. And as sure as hell its okay to have some time to think and reflect. But your own mind can be your own enemy. If you expand the time to much, it starts to visit places you never wanted to go.

And sure. Its always easy saying things like “try” while ”we don’t know how the person feels so we can’t judge”. I will honestly and openly tell you that I have battle against depression as well. Maybe in a more healthier way than others, but still. Reasons like heartbreak and anxiety were mostly my demons. So, I will let my opinion hear whether you still think I ”don’t know how you feel”. If we ever are depressed (again) we should still feel lucky because I have seen people who have cancer fighting their disease harder than us healthy, depressed humans.

My name is Lynn and I will stay positive.

– Lynn Kentin

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