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All I want for Christmas

The days are shorter and colder. Lights and decorations everywhere. The festive season has arrived. As many delicious food and presents on a wishlist. Thats what most people want during the holidays. But is it what I want?

I noticed when you get older you dont care about silly little toys or material objects anymore. Different, bigger things start to take place on your wishlist. But somehow some of those things I wanted before are connected to the things I want know. For example; I wanted a lot of stuff for my horse but now I just want my horse to be happy and healthy.

When the age comes by you start to substitute objects for memories. In 2016 I want to stay happy and healthy and I wish that as well for my family. I want my book to be published (yes, that is material but its an experience that I wish for since I was little). I want to meet new people and make some great memories. I want to visit new places and get inspired.

So, therefor I hope that some of you can change your wishes or presents from material to an experience. Because memories are a prescious thing, live longer in your mind and the best part. No one could ever take it away from you.

My name is Lynn and I wish you all a merry Christmas!

– Lynn Kentin

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